St. John's, NL

Written by Dustin Manley

I took this photo of the Port of St. John’s from Signal Hill after taking in the first sunrise North America saw that morning. I didn’t see much of the sunrise—just a few glimpses of gold cutting through the foggy sky. In addition to being the capital of the last province to join the Canadian Confederation (March 31, 1949), St. John’s also holds the title of North America’s most easterly city. It’s also one of the friendliest. I spent a portion of my childhood growing up with Newfoundlanders, and they are among the most hospitable and fun-loving people in Canada—and that’s saying a lot. If you’re ever in St. John’s be sure to “kiss the cod” at the Duke of Duckworth and join in on one of their many soirees like the George Street Festival.

All photos by Dustin Manley. All rights reserved.