Elliston, NL

Written by Dustin Manley

I drove 700km within a single day to catch a glimpse of the Atlantic puffin. I was not disappointed. From the bluffs of the Bonavista Peninsula, I witnessed hundreds of the tiny penguin-like birds congregating on a large rock outcropping 100 yards away in the Atlantic Ocean. I had never seen a puffin before so I was not sure what to expect. I even purchased a fresh loaf of bread from a gas station with the hopes of feeding them from my hand—that didn’t happen. I did bring my camera though and was able to catch dozens of photos of these stunning birds which were no larger than a seagull. The drive to Elliston from St. John's is not easy. There are more moose than people in Newfoundland, causing several fatalities per year on the highway. A St. John’s cabby warned me to drive in the middle of the road to at least give myself a chance if a moose decided to come running from either direction.

No moose but hundreds of puffins. A successful trip.

All photos by Dustin Manley. All rights reserved.