Charlottetown, PEI

Written by Dustin Manley

In August of 2014, I made the trip to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. This conference gave birth to the notion of Canada as its own sovereign nation; an idea reified three years later in 1867.

The city was thriving that summer as people came from across the country to celebrate the 1864 conference. The city was a microcosm of the nationwide celebrations held from coast to coast on July 1, 2017. While walking in a Charlottetown park during the festivities I came across what I thought was a border collie. Being an avid dog person I promptly walked up and started petting his fine black coat. Imagine my surprise upon discovering it wasn't a pretty pooch! While PEI is widely known as the Cradle of Confederation and for its potatoes, it was also home to a booming silver fox industry from 1900 - 1980. These silver foxes--misleadingly named as they are commonly black with a white tipped tail--continue to call PEI home and wander freely throughout the city of Charlottetown.

After giving the fox a few more scritches behind the ear, I continued on way to enjoy fresh lobster and mussels at Confederation Landing by the oceanside.

All photos by Dustin Manley. All rights reserved.