Apex Cemetery, NU

Written by Dustin Manley

Iqaluit’s new cemetery in the community of Apex is a uniquely beautiful, tranquil site. Overlooking the Frobisher Bay, a pair of bowhead whale rib bones acts serves as a gateway to the fields of white crosses adorned with green wreaths and crimson flowers.

Lees and Associates Landscape Architects, the firm responsible for developing the new cemetery, were recently recognized with a 2017 award of excellence from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects for their work. Cemeteries are somber places and despite its recognition, this one is no different. While visiting it, a local friend from the area said: “it is heartbreaking when a cemetery is filled with more people who took their own lives than those who died of natural causes.”

During Canada’s 150th year of Confederation, it is important to recognize the indigenous people as the earlier founders and their continuing and integral impact on Canada’s identity.

All photos by Dustin Manley. All rights reserved.