Hockeystick is improving Canada’s startup ecosystem by launching the largest open database of Canadian startups and investors. Its database provides first-of-its-kind visibility into the country’s innovation economy with an excess of 8,000 entities already in the system, including companies and early-stage funders: angel groups, accelerators, government programs, venture capital firms and private equity funds.



The Project

DesignedUX partnered with Hockeystick to create and design an accessible and innovative database of Canada’s startups for private markets and investors, reducing the inefficiencies of how data is currently collected and consumed in private markets.

Using the “Real World Facts” taxonomy, this database will amplify the innovation and growth for new startups in Canada by removing barriers for venture capitalists to build portfolios, governments to build programs, and startups to build products. To provide these opportunities, Hockeystick expanded database access to journalists, analysts, government and anyone doing research on private markets.

By developing a transparent and accessible network, Hockeystick enables investors to accurately track the financials and anticipated growth of over 12,000 startups while providing entrepreneurs easier access to programs and funding.



      Why Open Data

      An extensive amount of primary and secondary sources are accessible on the internet and other domains when conducting research on public organizations and markets. However, when it comes to researching the information on private markets, information is generally inaccessible and requires significant effort to identify, curate, and verify information. Most venture capitalists and prospective investors do not have the time or technical resources available to go through this process for a single or multiple companies.    

      Hockeystick is making this research more transparent and accessible by verifying market data and housing it in their online database.

      “We believe in the power of data to make better companies, investors and markets,” said Hockeystick’s Founder and CEO, Raymond Luk. “The lack of accurate, standardized data has hurt the performance of the entire private market. We see a future where high-quality data is available to everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding or an investor seeking the next unicorn. Data has the power to produce meaningful insights, including predictive ones, and to drive better returns.”


      Making data meaningful to drive people first innovation through an open community and secure digital platform.



      Our Work

      Concept Ideation — User Experience Design — Information Architecture — Wireframes — Web Application Design — Marketing Website Design 


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