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Criminal Podcast

Criminal Podcast

Ever since a friend introduced me to Criminal in early 2017, I’ve been hooked. As someone who grew up watching Law & Order, Unsolved Mysteries and yes, even Murder, She Wrote, I live for true crime stories. I was always interested in the human aspect of crime (or the lack of it) and could occasionally empathize with both the perpetrator and victim at the same time. It wasn’t about agreeing on motives or feeling pain; it was about discovering what led people to their decisions and how they experience situations.

As a designer, this is an incredibly useful skill to take up because you’re rarely working for yourself. Hearing multiple sides of a story is like knowing who all the customers are of a product.

Good for: True crime fans who are fascinated by the stories more than the crime itself. Each episode tackles one crime at a time and creates a 360° story through multiple sources and contributors.

Hard pass: If you can’t stomach the sometimes brutal nature of people towards each other. Typically, a discretion advisory is announced before the episode to give listeners a heads up.

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