Ideate. Iterate. Innovate.

We work with clients on a project basis, customized to the company's needs. No matter the size of the business, our focus sits squarely with the people it touches. We love what we do and our goal is to craft a delightful experience for our customers and our customers' customers.  

With a proven track record of building successful start-ups, we also provide customer acquisition and marketing strategy to help you move your business forward. 


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DesignedUX is a team of experts in our respective fields that love to solve problems and provide creative solutions.


Digital Strategy

Market Research

Customer Discovery & Acquisition

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Product Strategy

Sales Plan and Growth Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Design & Development

Digital Product Design for Web & Mobile

User Experience Design


Copy & Messaging

Front-end / Back-end Web Development

Mobile Development


Marketing & Communications

Define & Develop Your Brand

Map Your Customer Journey

Optimize Your Customer Experience

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Media Relations & Public Affairs


  We take a holistic approach by designing not only the user experience of your product but the customer experience as a whole.


We take a human-centred approach to design and marketing. We partner with our clients as an extension of your internal team through the duration of the project or campaign. For us, people are paramount to everything we do. Our success is defined by helping our clients achieve their goals.


For Startups

  • You have an idea and you aren't sure how to take it to market
  • You are looking to build your MVP
  • You need to improve your user experience 
  • You need a great looking website/ecommerce site
  • You need a marketing campaign to launch your product with a Bang!


For Scaleups

  • It's time to take your product to the next level with better design
  • You have to fix your UX problems - it's become a leaky bucket!
  • You're ready to scale your product and need to optimize onboarding
  • You got some funding and you are ready to expand your product offering
  • You acquired a company and need help with integrating your products


For Enterprise

  • It's time for a modern new website
  • You need design expertise to support your innovation plan
  • You need to augment your team with expert resources
  • You want to outsource design to get some fresh ideas
  • Time to market is critical!


For Higher Education

We specialize in higher education marketing to create opportunities to make connections between your institution and prospective students. While your institutional brand and history may be known locally, we help amplify your reputation for global recognition. 

  • You need a social media strategy
  • You need a digital marketing strategy
  • You need a website re-design
  • You are looking for a proven strategy to student recruitment marketing
  • You want to amplify your brand and positioning




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